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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  September 16, 2012 9:00am-11:00am PDT

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>> eric: we'll stay on the news throughout the day as we always do. that's it for us. >> reporter: keep it right here on fox, america's news headquarters and election headquarters rolls on, shannon bream, live in washington for you now. have a great day, everybody. great to have you here. >> the united states will not allow iran to acquire a nuclear weapon. we'll do what it takes to prevent that from happening. all options remain on the table. the president has been very clear and that includes the military option. >> shannon: our ambassador to the united nations says the u.s. will stand with israel and do what it takes to stop oran from developing a nuclear weapon, as israeli prime minister netanyahu says iran is 7 to 8 months away from being able to build a nuclear bomb and demands that the united states give a red line to iran.
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we start with peter doos gee senator john mechanic cane said an hour and-a-half that he thinks the united states is sing exactly the wrong main to the israelis about whether or not we will have their back, if iran gets closer to building a nuclear weapon. >> we keep tells the israelis not to attack, shouldn't we be telling the iranians that that we are with israel and they should back down. >> reporter: the u.s. bamdass dorto the u.n. says that the united states will do whatever it takes to prevent iran from acquiring the nuclear weapon and the military option is on the table. but she said, she thinks there is time for the pressure we are putting on the islamic republic to make them change course. >> the most solemn decision that a president can ever take is the decision to go to war.
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and president obam's view is, we will do what it takes, but before we resort to the use of force, let us be sure that we have exhausted another mean, including sanctions, pressure and diplomacy. >> reporter: ever a week of talking about red lines, israel's prime minister reiterated that in his view, it might be dangerous to wait around until iran already has a working nuclear weapon. >> we're in the red zone. we are in the last 20 yards. you can't let them cross the goalline and score a touchdown because that would have unbelievable consequence, grievous convince consequences for the peace and security of us all, of the world, really. >> reporter: iran's top commandyrer in the revolutionary guard said that if israel preemptively strikes against their nuclear program, they will defend themselves and make sure that, quote, nothing will remain of israel.
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shannon? >> shannon: peter, thank you. it's been another deadly day in afghanistan. fox news has confirmed that four soldiers killed in the latest insider attack are american service members. inatedo officials say a man dressed as an afghan police officer opened fire on our troops in a remote outpost in the southern part of the country this morning. this is the third time in as many days that local forces have attacked their nato allies. 50 people have been arrested in connection with the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. american violence is beginning to show signs of slowing, but tensions remain high. the state department is evacuating all family members and non-u.s. government personnel from tunisia and the sudan. we have a reporter on the ground in tunisia. >> reporter: shannon, no wonder the state department is concerned. we are back from the area around the u.s. embassy compound here in tunis. we scpaw heard amazing things. today, the compound is secure,
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tukneesian military very much present. but we are told they were nowhere to be found during key moments on friday, as protesters scaled the wall, mashed up the place before they were driven out. more shocking, is what we saw next door at the american school, that's a k-12, where over 600 kids of foreign parent, including 100 american children. take a look. at noon on friday, the playground at this tukneesian school would have been filled with young kids, some of them american. then the administrators got word that a violent protest was happening across the street at the u.s. embassy and the protesters could be coming in this direction. they sent the kids home and that's a good thing because they ransacked the school, looted it, burned down classrooms, this is all that's left of one of the roops that the kids were in just hours before.
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>> reporter: amazing. and in nearby libya, they are on the search for the killers of the u.s. ambassador. we are waiting for the agents to the ground in benghazi. in libbia, the rapid response team of some 50 marines off the coast. two united states navy destroyers, overhead. and yes, libyan government is reportedly saying they have some suspects in custody. at least some critics of the libyan government might be saying, it's about time. back to you, shannon. >> shannon: thank you. there is disagreement about whether or not the attack on the consulate in libya was planned or not. just this morning, susan rice, the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. said the attack was, quote, spontaneous and that backed up jay carney's claim that an anti-muslim movie is to blame for the attacks. >> we have had the evolution of
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the arab spring over the last many months. but what sparked the recent violence was the airing on the internet of a very hateful and very offensive video that -- that has offended many people around the world. >> shannon: how intelligence chair mike rogers says it's too early to tell. he says he has intelligence to suggest that the attacks may have been planned and coordinated. the attacks on the u.s. embassies and consulates have opened up a debate on u.s. foreign policy, some critics accuse the obama administration of sending the wrong message to allies and others alike. quote, in too many parts of the world, america is no longer viewed as a reliable ally or an enemy to be feared. liz cheney is live. >> thanks for having me. i appreciate it. >> shannon: let's start with the beginning. where are we failing to be a reliable ally? >> israel, you just talked about the extent to which the entire
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world is facing a threat because of the iranians attempts to develop a nuclear weapon. the israelis are facing an existenteddial threat. when the president of the united states has offered to host a meeting with the muslim brotherhood president of egypt, who it is a minimum looked the other way as our consulate was attacked in kirow and refuses to give a meeting to president netanyahu, you can tell that the administration has its priorities confused. you can look around the globe. we are not a the saudis, emerates, very concerned about a nuclear iranian weapon. i think it's hard to consider a country that views us as more reliable than when barack obama tooka was. >> shannon: what about the statement that we are not an enemy to be feard? the president said we didn't have a positive image. those who referred to our
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president as a cowboy and would fly off at the handle and wanted to start wars, that was the criticism of this administration, coming in, and they would change that. is it a positive to be feard? is that something we should aspire to? >> part of being feared is being respected. the world is clearly a sacred place. we are more safe when people recognize that our word means something. this president laid it out very clearly in 2009. he laid it out in comment hes made -- brit hume mentioned the comments in november, before he was elected, saying, essentially, you know, when i take office, everybody around the world, particularly in the mudz muslim world, will definitely want to have a better relationship with the u.s., will have a better relationship. the president is naive and believes that no nation should stand above any other. what we are seeing now when you turn on the television and you see the images and the scenes of violence is what happens when terrorists believe they can attack our embass weimpunity and
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kill our ambassador and there will be no response, notice meaningful response from the united states t. makes it more dangerous for us and our allies. >> shannon: i to, elaborate on the u.s. not being more ascendant. you talk approximate about the speech in 200 9 when the president said we shouldn't be elevated when countries are elevated above others, that's what causes the trouble. what is the proper role for the united states? should we want to be more vaunted and esteemed in other countries? >> i think that the united states has now, for many, many years, for decades been the greatest force for good, frankly, the world has ever known. we know, if you look back throughout history, it is because of strong u.s. leadership that we were able to win the cold war and defeat the soviet union. it is because of strong u.s. leadership that we were after 9/11, are able to ensure no further attacks. u.s. leadership in the world is
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not just something to be desired, it is necessary. this president has put us on a path to decline. he really believes, if you look at his policy with respect to our nuclear arsenal that the way you 92 towed approach arms control is to have the united states make preemptive unilatical cuts. it is a fallacy that somehow america's the problem and if you make america weaker, the world will be more peaceful. i can't imagine a more dangerous set of beliefs or philosophies to have in the oval office in a time when we are clearly facing a resurgent al qaeda and taliban and afghanistan and this president seems to be a.w.o.l., at best. >> shannon: very quickly, the relationship with russia and what you make of that? >> again, people remember the president being caught, you know, he didn't know the mike was on, promising greater flexibility after the election. it's very important to remember what he was promising the flexibility about, it was about missile defense.
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when you have the iranians on the verge, apparently of nuclear capability, the notion that the president is going to be flexible with the russians in the defensive systems we use to protect ourselves and our allies is pretty appalling. i think you have a thuggish reveal jime, a regime that doesn't share our views and every step of the way has blocked what he want to accomplish in the united nations and the american president said, hey, don't worry, after the election, i doll what you want. >> shannon: thank you for coming in. >> thank you. >> shannon: with tensions high in the middle-east and the election just weeks away, we want to know, are you more worried about romney's lack of foreign policy experience or the president's current policies? tweet us your answers. >> parents in chicago are waiting to see if their kids will go to school, after the teachers union will vote on a three-year contract today. the third largest school has been strigging for a week now.
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thousands of them rallied in a chicago park yesterday. the contract includes raises for all three years, tougher ways to evaluate teachers that allow them to appeal the ratings and the option to extend the contract for a fourth year. after months of investigation, the verdict is in, the u.s. office of special council says kathleen sebelius broke the law, endorsing president obama while acting in her official capacity of health and human services. she will not be punish period. but critics think she should resign. we have a representative who is one of them. mauroon, thank you for joining us. >> good to be with you. >> shannon: secretary sebelius has admitted to a mistake. it was unscripted remarks and taxpayers have been reimbursed for the cost of the speech she was giving in charlotte, north carolina. why is that not enough! >> the heart of the matter is that secretary sebelius has
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shown very little respect for the law in imposing partisan political agenda. she is the person who has been put in charge of implements the president's health care bill, which is taking over one-seventh of the american economy. the regulations that we have seen issued are very problematic and of deep concern to us is the hhs mabdate, the secretary sebow lius is taking this opportunity to cram, for example, abortion-induced drugs into every nook and cranny of the american health care delivery system. so this is of grave concern to us, because it violates the religious freedom of americans. >> shannon: on the hatch act situation, is the call for her resignation tied to that, or is at this time more broad issue and other occurrence have you about her? >> it goes to the problem of her being willing to violate the law and with respect to the hatch act, it was a very clear violation. there has never been a cabinet
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secretary who has violated the hatch act in this manner. with respect to her government position, she is using the power of the government to impose her political agenda on americans. she is already a judge in colorado has found this hhs mandate to be in violation of the religious freedom restoration act, not to mention the constitution because it's using the power of the federal government to impose upon religious institutions, this political agend atelling churches who can -- you know, what constitutes a church ministry, what churches have to provide in their health care plan, even when services violate the tenets of their own faith. so this is, you know, the issue of conscience protections has been kind of a sacred cow. it's been a very bipartisan issue, respected by people across the aisle. yet secretary sebelius seems to be captive of certain political interest groups.
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i don't know if you watched the democratic national convention, but the abortion lobby was featured more prominently than any other interest group and secretary sebelius is tight with them and she is using her government position to impose that agenda on the rest of us, even though it violates our freedom of religion. >> shannon: maureen ferguson, we appreciate your time today. >> i think these are hard problems, but with u.s. leadership, you don't allow the governments to fan the flames of anti-americannism for their own domestic consumption. >> shannon: questions about leadership, is the american violence in the middle-east is shaking up the race? after the break, the obama campaign response to charges that he is engaging in the policy of appeasement. and a threat spreading across the u.s., we are in the middle what have some fear could be the
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deadliest outbreak of west nile virus in u.s. history. that's next. [ male announcer ] this is anna, her long day teaching the perfect swing begins with back pain and a choice. take advil, and maybe have to take up to four in a day. or take aleve, which can relieve pain all day with just two pills. good eye.
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>> shannon: for now, violence in the middle-east appears to be cooling off, but protests are expected to continue for days, according to leon panetta, the state department is ready to protect any u.s. interests abroad. google is keeping a controversial film clip on onyoutube, though some argue it's that clip that started the violence. a top foreign policy adviser to governor mitt romney is suggesting that the deadly attack in libya would never have happened if governor romney were president. former ambassador richard williamson has a criticism, saying, president obama can't keep track of who is our enemy or not. it's amateur hour, amateur hour. the former assistant secretary of defense is here, douglas
9:21 am
wilson. >> thanks for having me, shannon. >> shannon: i want you to get a chance to answer the question that the president is operating in a way that a previous defense secretary is describing as amateur hour. >> well, i guess i would say that the comments that ambassador williamson is making is amateur hour itself. this is the first time in my adult lifetime that a democrat is chosen over a republican in poll after poll, including fox polls as the choice in preference of commander in chief. i think there are reasons for that. this president has shown that he is tough and will be tough and she also shows that he is smart. he is not beating his chest i think the american people understand that the world we are living in is not the world of wiley kiiorityet and road runner. >> it's a former ambassador, not the secretary, richard williamson. let me ask you about something that liz chain cheney had to say here, that our enemies no longer
9:22 am
fear us. in that, he -- she said, she meant respect us. your response? >> i think you should ask ladennen and all the al qaeda leadership that has been decimated by a a tighter cooperation between the military and our intelligence community thans we have ever seen, ask muammar al-qaddafi whether or not we are feared around the world. i think that we are respected as a leader in this world. our values are respected. and it is our responsibility now to understand the world of the 21st century, not a cartoon world. we are dealing with very complicated situations in the middle-east that is undergoing the kind of transformation that jon huntsman said, we haven't seen there in 100 years. we are at the beginning of this transformation. this president is using all of the tools at his dizz posal -- military, diplomatic,
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economic -- to maintain america's leadership in the world. i think that he is -- he is getting resonance among an american public that favors him as commander in chief, really by double digits. >> shannon: what do you make of the fact that in the initial response from the administration and then from secretary clinton and president obama and ambassador rice, repeatedly, along with condemning with what happened oversea, they are condemning, very loudly, this... movie, this clip, this trailer that is online, that has very obviously anti-muslim content to it. but condemning that and almost as loud of terms, the activity and the deaths that happened overseas, some feel very uncomfortable with having u.s. leaders making these statements in a way that sounds like they want to curtail or reign in the first amendment. which is an american freedom. there are a lot of things on the internet that people don't agree with. >> shannon, i think we are living in a age where technology
9:24 am
is otpacing policy. in the age of instant communication, this is one of the examples. the film itself is deplorable and condemnable. it has had the unintended consequence for american policy of stirring up the kind of protests in the middle-east that we have seen. it is not the only reason for that. the kinds of changes that we are seeing in the middle-east, we are only at the beginning of these. governments that are being established have themselves to have to combat extremist elements within those societies. the united states recognizes that. and the president of the united states, over the last couple of days has done the two things that i think are most important for this country. has has condemned the message that has been sent by the film and making sure that we -- that it is not representing the views of the united states government. and he has insisted to countries which have long been our partners that the new governments there protect and defend the lives and security of foreign representatives on their
9:25 am
soil, as is the responsibility of any government. >> shannon: do you worry about the moral equivalency of the death of four americans and continued attacks on 20 embassies across the country, across the world. >> we live in a country of free speech and first amendment. this is one of the things that is -- on which our country is built. >> they are making hateful rork remarks about them. they have free speech. in the countries comen which we are seeing the protests, i think that this is what comes with free speech. they want the government to eliminate even speech with which we profoundly disagree. i think the main that we need to send is that these kinds of
9:26 am
videos and messages do not represent us, dont represent our government, do not represent the vast majority of the united states. i think that the president and secretary of state have made it clear. let me say one other thing, shannon, i think chris stevens, who is a hero as well as shawn smith and the two seal who is died in benghazi, also understand. they need to represent the best of the united states. we are going to have challenges to that, engagement. i used to be a foreign service officer. foreign service officers are not out there as democrats or republicans, trying to take political advantage of the death of an american diplomat is, as a miami herald said, a profoundly irresponsible. >> shannon: former assistant secretary of defense, doug wilson,,we thank you for your
9:27 am
service and for joining us today. >> thank you,. >> shannon: our thoughts and sympathies go to the families of the victims. the economy is what most pern americans say they are worried about. coming up next, a key adviser to governor mitt romney says a weak economy is crippling our status overseas. welcome aboard! [ chuckles ] ♪ [ honk! ] ♪ [ honk! ] ♪ [ honk! ] ♪ [ male announcer ] now you'll know when to stop. [ hk! ] the all-new nissan altima with easy fill tire alert. [ honk! ] it's our most innovative altima ever. nissan. innovation that excites. ♪ droid does.
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>> shannon: four american service members issue dead after yet another insider attack in afghanistan. it's the bottom of the hour and peter doocy has your top stories. >> shannon,inateso officials say at least one afghan police officer turned his gun on nato troops at a remote checkpoint this morning, before escaping. this is the third time in as many days that local forces have attacked their nato allies. israeli prime minister netanyahu is heading to new york this week for the united nations general assembly.
9:32 am
at the top of his agenda, iran's disputed nuclear program. just today, he restated warnings iran is dangerously close to an atomic weapon. earlier this morning, the top commandener iran's revolutionary guard issued a warning to israel saying nothing will remain of the country if it attacks iran. 3 50,000 chicago public school students could be back in class tomorrow. delegates from the teachers union will vote this afternoon on whether to call off a week-long strike. a legal -- illegal immigrants may be able to get driver's licenses in some states. new immigration palings allows people brought to the u.s. illegal as children to apply for deferred status and get temporary work perms. the federal government says it's up to states to decide whether to issue driver's licenses to those who get the work permits. those are the top stories right now. >> shannon: peter, thank you very much.
9:33 am
>> we are of the news that this has not an expression of hostility toward the united states or u.s. policy. >> ooses an fbi agent, i get to look at all of that. i come to a different conclusion. they are only moderately confident that it was a spontaneous event because there are huge gaps in what we know. >> shannon: it was all about u.s. foreign policy on fox news sunday. i sat down with chris wallace for more on his interviews with dr. susan rice and the house intelligence chair, mike rogers. chris, it is all about what happened in foreign pm's this week. you had the ambassador to the u.n., dr. susan rice, to talk about the administration's position on what may have sparked what we saw play out in the middle-east. >> it is intk because jay carney, the white house spokesman said it on friday and ambassador rice backed it up, reinforced it, doubled down on sunday. they say that all of this unrest across the middle-east is all about that video that came out,
9:34 am
this obscure video that insults the prophet muhammad, they say it has nothing to do with anti-american feelings and u.s. policies. there are an awful lot of people who question that, but that's the position of the administration. >> shannon: you talked about -- and i know that there is a long ongoing investigation. we will have to wait for the results. whether this was a coordinated, planned attack or a spontaneous protest over this or anything else. >> the one in benghazi that killed four americans. we got two opinions. ambassador rice said this was a spontaneous demonstration, based on the video and the protests earlier in the day in cairo that spun out of control and we have to investigate. we also talked to the chairman of the house intelligence committee, mike rogers, a former fbi himself, so he knows about criminal investigations. he said, you know, we don't have conclusive evidence. but he says, i gotta tell you, when we see how coordinated cood sfiticated the attack was, i
9:35 am
think whether they took advantage of the situation, it certainly seems that there were terror lemes involved and it evolved into a terror attack. >> shannon: you talked to them about a very important relationship between the white house, president and israel and benjamin netanyahu. >> you had netanyahu in an extraordinary statement, basically say, people tell us to wait. when it comes to attacking iran -- what for what? what for when? then he said country that refuse to put red lines, which is he is saying, not beyond this marker for iran, countries that don't do that don't have a right to put a red light in front of israel, when it comes to attacking. susan rice says, well, we have i great relationship -- never -- never better. yes, they talked for an hour in the middle of of the night and that's what friends do. >> we will see when the u.n. meetings come up and we will see whether there is a meeting between those two leaders as that plays out.
9:36 am
fantastic show. wonderful panel. thanks for the preview. >> you bet. >> shannon: catch all the brews right here on the fox newschannel, 2:00 and 6:00 eastern. governor romney took a hard stance on foreign policy this week, criticizing the obama administration response to the attacks on kirow and benghazi. but without foreign policy experience, is he in a position to second-guess the president. advise tort romney campaign, norm coleman is live. senator, thank you for joining us. i want to ask about the question of experience. it is true, as one of our former guests said that polling shows that people trust the president by a larger margin in foreign policy. how could a romney ticket convince voters they have what it takes to do a better job? >> i go back to the last statement. you were asked the question, is america more respected today, more feared? and he cite'd tactical
9:37 am
successes, which should be applauded, killing the terrorists. but he ignored the strategic errors and the fact is, america hasn't led. we outsourced our policy on syria and to fix that and obviously that didn't work too well. we cut aid substantially in the two years before the overthrow of mubarak nterms of democracy building, so we had no ears on the ground when the revolution occurred there. in iran, in the green revolution, we were quiet, silent because we didn't want to offend the mas, our friends in the czech republic had the rug pulled out from them. where's the strategy here? the strategy of, quote, leading from behind, or failing to lead, creating a vacuum, has created very difficult circumstances. are we better off in terms of iran being further from a nuclear weapon and with israel
9:38 am
and americans know it is not better. we are seeing that with the economy and in in terms of foreign policy. >> shannon: how would a president romney do things differently to rebuild the relationship and renewing some of that respect and fear around the world? >> well, you know, i think -- what president romney will do when -- talk about american leadership, talk about peace through strength. by the way, what ronald reagan was very successful at. our military has been decimated with sequestration, we decimate it more. governor romney said we will rebuild that. our allies will know they are our allies and we won't pull the rug out, on missile defense. governor romney has a good relationship with the democratic elected prime minister of israel and you want your allies to know they can trust and you your enemies to know that they should fear you. governor romny and vice-president ryan, you would get that. >> shannon: how concerned are
9:39 am
you about our relationship with israel? >> well, i am concerned, americans are concerned. if you were the prime minister of israel, would you be concerned? this president -- one of the most critical times that israel is facing, the existential threat of a nuclear iran. the president of the united states doesn't have time for a meeting with the prime minister of israel, but he will meet with the president of egypt. i think the priorities are flipped and the israelis have to be and have a right to be seriously concerned whether america will stand with them. this is a president, by the way, forced by the congress to take the tougher sanctions with iran. we want those to work. but ultimately, if you are sitting in israel, facing -- and by the way, the threat of iran is not just a threat for israel, if the iranians get a nuclear weapon, the saudis will have one and the world will be a much less safe place. this is not just an israel problem, it's a global problem. certainly, the relationship between israel and the united states are probably the lowest
9:40 am
point kiremember. at this dangerous time in history, that's not a good place to be. >> shannon: thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> shannon: hockey fans, could be out of luck. the league and the players are in a faceoff that could leave fans on the losing end. more on that, next. srxz$jxhxp
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>> shannon: the west nile virus is spreading rapidly across america. the centers for disease control and prevention reports that repe death toll is 118, compared to 43 last year. the virus has affected some states more than others. texas has the most cases with more than 500. in fear it his the potential to become the deadliest on record. the nhl has locked out players. hockey fans are hoping they will
9:45 am
reach a deal before the new season. >> reporter: the national hockey league and the players union are at an impasse on splitting the record $3.3 billion made last season. both sides are so divide they didn't meetifies face before the current agreement expired and the lockout went into effect at 12:01. the union wants a gsht that the players get $1.8 billion in salaries paid last season. annual revenue has grown from $2.1 to $3.3 billion in the expiring deal. the owners want hockey-related revenue that goes to players' percentage goes down, laming the players are slowing down the negotiation process. >> a thorough soup-to-nuts, everything that has transpired in the negotiations and the conclusion remains as it has been our position from the outset, is we need a new
9:46 am
collective bargaining agreement to move forward with the season. >> reporter: this lockout is the fourth nhl work stoppage since 1932. 30 games were postpone inside the '92 season, in the 94-95 season, 468 games cancelled. in 2004-05, the season was cancelled entirely. the first league in north america to eliminate a season. in 2011, the nfl was locked out and last year's nba season was shortened from 82 games to 66 and began on christmas. it looks like the training camps will not open next week for the nhl and the regular season, scheduled to begin october 11, could be in jeopardy. and because the players are locked out, as of this morning, some of them are expected to explore opportunities in russia, witser land, finland, sweden,
9:47 am
germany and the czech republic. >> shannon: my husband's going to go into penguin withdrawal. >> jamie: know! >> shannon: thank you very much. the u.s. credit rating agency -- the credit rating -- is it about to be slashed again? we will tell you about the latest threat. the fireworks over the topless photose of kate middleton are not over. how the buckingham palace planning to pour cold water over the pictures. [ lisa ] my name's lisa, and chantix helped me quit. i honestly loved smoking, and i honestly didn't think i would ever quit. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. it put me at ease that you could smoke on the first week. [ male announcer ] some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these
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>> shannon: right or wrong, how the obama administration's handling the unrest in the middle-east. fair and balanced, we will talk about what america needs to do in that volatile region. >> you are talking about a community of around 300 families who are all of a sudden made targets by this administration. >> shannon: their identities revealed, their families in danger. how do you feel as a father, to have your son identified? fox news speaks exclusively with the parents of a seal team 6 member who are furious. they say the team that took out ladenep are being abused by the
9:52 am
obama campaign. this campaign is shaping up to be the closest ever. we will look at voter fraud in america and what is being done about it. all of that, still to come on america's news headquarters. >> shannon: the dow, nasdaq and s&p closed in the black. but will that be enough to keep the marks movie higher? brenda buttner is here for a closer look. >> hey, hannon, no question wall street liked the latest figures for unemployment, the dow at a record high. s&p up nearly 2%, a big thumbs up for the feds plan to put the dollar printing presses into high gear and buying mortgage-backed assets at $40 billion a month. traders really liked the central bank leaving open how long tell
9:53 am
do so to give the stalled recovery a jolt. investors have been fans of the fed stimulus since it was announced nearly four years ago, but some market watchers say the bulls may not have much to keep them rubbing as fast. it is not at all clear the feds' plan will work. the idea is to keep the interest rates low will put a floor on the housing market, but push investors into assets with higher returns, such as stocks and the hope is that with more money in the system, businesses will higher and consumers spend. despite trillions, unemployment has been above 8% more than 40 months in a row. the stock market has a lot that could slow it down, namely, the uncertainty of the presidential election, which candidates wins will change the economic policy. all of this could have wall street calling for the fed to do more than it already has -- the markets may already be hooked.
9:54 am
shannon, back to you. >> shannon: brenda buttner break its down. thank you so much. the family of a navy seal that was part of the team that took out osama bin laden is accusing the obama administration of putting a target on its back. why the family members think they are the ones in danger, next. look at those toys. insurance must be expensive. nah. [ dennis' voice ] i bet he's got an allstate agent. they can save you up to 30% more by bundling your policies. well, his dog's stupid. [ dennis' voice ] poodles are one of the world's smartest breeds. are you in good hands? till you finish your vegetables. [ clock ticking ] [ male announcer ] there's a better way... v8 v-fusion. vegetable nutrition they need, fruit taste they love. could've had a v8...
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navy seals don't seek out recognition for what they do to keep us safe so some members of the seal team six the team responsible for taking out bin laden were furious when their identities were revealed. catherine herridge spoke exclusively with the parents of aaron vaughn who was killed on seal team 6 in afghanistan. >> the parents say they are are filled with anger and uncharacter fear when vice revealed joe biden vie vealed who was the team assigned to the raid. >> aaron called me and said mom, you need to watch your social media claim of any reference to me or any of my buddies. just disconnect completely. there is chatter and all of our lives could be in danger including yours. yarr talking about a community of around 300 families who are
9:59 am
all of a sudden made targets by this administration. >> so how do you feel as a father to have your son identified? >> we expect better out of the high ups in our government while they don't believe their son was part of the bin laden raid they say the team shared the victory and eventually the shock of being name. >> did aaron tell you that team six was angry? >> yes, absolutely. they were very angry. >> they would have said special operators. >> three months after bin laden was killed aaron vaughn was among 17 seals killed when their helicopter was shot down in afghanistan and the seals have been made part of the obama campaign. >> bill clinton came on and told americans just think of the downsides for obama had those seals been captured or killed. when i have a son buried in arlington national cemetery and i'm supposed to be concerned about the down side for the president? >> while the vaughns have chosen to speak out they say
10:00 am
the seal community should be respected and given their privacy. catherine herridge, fox news. >> shannon: we are slowly getting more information about the latest insider' tack against nato forces in afghanistan. this is what we know right now. four american service members that were part of a coalition force are now dead. they were killed by an afghan police officer who was supposed to be an ally. this brings to 51 the number of international service members mostly americans who have been killed by local afghan forces or insurgents who were wearing their uniforms. i'm shannon bream live in washington. right to conor powell standing by live in kabul. hello, conor. >> reporter: shannon, it has been a deadly 24 hours here in afghanistan. yesterday, two british soldiers were killed by a member of the afghan local police force and today four u.s. soldiers in southeastern afghanistan were killed as they were rushing to
10:01 am
an afghan police check point to help out the police unit being attacked. when they arrived they were shot at and killed. the u.s. mill tare relationship isn't 100% sure what happened. they aren't sure if it was in fact an insider attack because many of the police officers that are supposed to be at the check point have now fled. they think they have gone over to the taliban and now in hiding and they are treating this as an insider attack. they don't know the details about what exactly happened. the latest attack brings the total of u.s. and international troops to 51 killed this year by the afghan partners and this really is undermining the overall strategy here in afghanistan because at the heart of the strategy is building up the afghan security forces, the army and police and local police but right now there is a lack of trust between afghans and the national community and questions about whether the afghan security forces are capable of taking over the security responsibility from the international community going forward. the other big question is the taliban regularly claim
10:02 am
responsibility for these attacks according to general john allen the top commander here in afghanistan he says only about 10% to 20% of the attacks are in fact by taliban infiltrators but it does raise a lot of suspicion and doubt and worries about the afghan security forces and going forward the u.s. military here has really not been able to solve the problem of the insider attacks. they have not found a solution yet to stop them. they are causing a lot of problems for the overall strategy here in afghanistan, shannon. >> shannon: conor powell live for us from kabul, thank you. we are vigilant and of the view that this is not an expression of hostility in the broadest sense towards the united states or u.s. policy. it is proximately a reaction to the video and a hateful video that had nothing to do with the united states. >> chris: saying it is just this one video causing all of this problem, i mean obviously the bad guys are going to use this as a reason to do what
10:03 am
they have already been doing but we need more than that. >> shannon: the obama administration middle east policy is front and center today after a deadly attack on the u.s. consultate in libya and a wave of angry protests around the world. critics argue that not only is an antiislamic video to blame, american foreign policy is at blame, too. >> reporter: a difficult challenge for president obama and a possible opening for mitt romney coming as it does just weeks before the election. while the turmoil in the wake of that antiislamic video is taking center stage president obama's foreign policy throughout the region is under attack. >> in syria, 20,000 people have been massacred. these people cry out for our help. they have been massacred, raped, tortured, beatenned a the president of the united states won't even stand up for them much less provide them the arms for a fair fight.
10:04 am
>> in libya and egypt critics claim the president didn't offer enough support to arab spring reformers or opposition radicals. it is unclear whether the protests were in protest to the film or a planned attack. the chairman of the house intelligence committee says it is too soon to tell but u.s. ambassador susan rice said on "fox news sunday" it does not look like a planned attack and acknowledged a problem by the administration. >> what happened in cairo was not significantly robust when president obama picked up the phone and spoke to president morisy and right away things changed. >> rice also said the u.s. is working closely with governments around the work to make sure american diplomats are protected. shannon? >> shannon: steve, thank you very much. iran could have a nuclear bomb in just six months.
10:05 am
israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu made that comment during an interview this morning and insisted that time lines puts pressure on the u.s. and adds urgency to h his demand for a red line with iran. >> since the advent of nuclear weapons you have countries that had access to nuclear weapons who always made a careful calculation of costs and benefit but iran is guided by a leadership that an unleavable fanaticism. >> shannon: he went on to say that people who believe a nuclear iran would stablize the middle east have "set a new level for human stupidity." u.s. secretary of defense says the violence is reducing. the obama administration policy has come under a microscope. joining us, fox news military analyst and former vice chief of staff of the army, general
10:06 am
jack keene. good to see you. start with security operations around the various embassies and consultates. the average american would think they would be much more beefed up than they appear to be in these cases. >> there appears to be a security breakdown to the investigation will get to the true facts of this. we know for a fact there is a threat in libya and we know that the libyan forces do not have the capacity to secure our facilities. rock to kabul and baghdad. we did not have adequate security forces from the host country. we put forces in there capable of defending that facility and protecting everybody inside of it until over time we reduced the forces because the host country forces were able to provide that kind of security. that is what should have taken place here. at the embassy itself in tripoli and certainly at that consultate which is an appendage from it but in the threat area and there has been a pattern of threats in the area for a number of months. so certainly our security even
10:07 am
if it wasn't right initially given there have been four or five incidents during the summer all targeted against western facilities or western activities to include the consultate once before there should have been an adjustment. >> shannon: we are hearing in a number of cases that marine fast teams are being sent into the areas embassies and consultates to shore them up and provide a better level of security. in at least one case we know that they are not being' loued into the country. if our personnel are there what should this administration be demanding by way of access for our own protective forces. >> if we have acanthi not going not going to let us put security forces in place we have to get tough with that country quickly. if we doubt the host country's capacity to protect we protect ourselves or we remove. we cannot have our people working in these facilities and be exposed to this kind of threat and lose their lives
10:08 am
unnecessarily in my judgment. >> shannon: do you think yemen, libya and many others where we have seen the pro tests flare up over the last few days, do you think or what is your impression of how america is viewed in those countries? >> well, talking to my friends in the region and i do spend time in the region, they really believe that the united states while heavily engaged in the past is decembe disengaging no. they look at iraq and how we left iraq and left no forces to influence the government from. they it look at afghanistan. we have a time table to leave and that makes a big statement in the region. they look at the iranians. they are double stepping now to increase their capacity to have a nuclear weapon. the ieae said in the last quarter they doubled their efforts and they are moving towards that weapon. thisth is the number one fear in the middle east is the iranians with a nuclear weapon and they are not confident that the united states is going to
10:09 am
stop that from happening. even in the transitional governments that we see forming that maybe are the future and hope of the region and it is going to be very complex to be sure, they want to see us more involved in helping influence the transitional governments because all these countries to include our friendly countries, all have radical islamic movements in the countries vying for political power and influence and that is what you see on the walls of our embassy. those are radicals trying to undermine that government because they know that government has a relationship with the the united states and they want to weaken that government in that country. >> shannon: general jack keene thank you always for joining us and for your service to the country and your work continuing in that region as well. thanks. >> thanks, shannon. >> shannon: time for you to weigh in from home. are you more worried about romney's lack of foreign policy experience or the current -- the president's current policies? this question we think so far has gotten our biggest twicer response ever. certainly got you fired up. kathy wrote this.
10:10 am
wore relationshipped about obama's current policies. leading from behind never works. try it with your kids at a mall. you end up saying take my hand. tweet your answers to us. we will read many more of your responses a little bit later on in the show. we don't need sugar high economics. we don't need synthetic money creation. we need economic growth. we want wealth creation. we don't want to print money. we want opportunity and growth. >> shannon: congressman paul ryan talking about what he believes the country needs right now. last month, only 96,000 jobs were created and voters are split over who has the best ideas to fix the economy. 45% say president obama has a clear plan. but 42% chose governor romney. of course, that is well within the margin of error either way. what are voters waiting to hear? joining us now, texas senator kay bailey hutchison to talk
10:11 am
about the romney ryan plan. thank you for joining us. >> thank you, shannon. >> shannon: let's talk about the fact that the romney ryan ticket has gotten criticism for not being clear what their economic plan is? >> they do have a plan. number one, less taxation. number two, less spending. number three, less -- number four, more exploration. we will do the pipeline immediately if romney and ryan are reelected. they are specific and that will open up our ability to create jobs immediately. >> shannon: senator, i want to give you you a chance to respond to some of the criticism out there. critics say the plans will take money from lower income folks and they will end up cutting medicare and reducing taxes only on the rich. your response?
10:12 am
>> well, first of all, the medicare plan that the president-elect romney would put in place and try to about put forward is going to save medicare. he wants to save social security. president obama on the other hand has taken $700 billion out of medicare. i think what is more important is that what romney and ryan want to do is enable the middle class, the small business person to hire people and to do that you have to keep their taxes low, don't let the tax increases that president obama wants to put in place. number two, repeal obama care. the taxes and fines on small business are the real reason that small business is not hiring right now because they fear that cost of obama care on top of new taxes and regulations that this administration is talking about putting in place. so i think it is very clear that it is the middle class, it
10:13 am
is the small business people that can enenergyize this economy and romney and ryan are trying to free the small businesses to hire. >> what do you make of many people say as the tone of the campaign that to be successful and wealthy in america and to have have achieved your goals that you need to apologize for that or there needs to be some dedistribution of that wealth. >> i think that is the clear difference between romney and president obama. president obama is trying to make it look like if you are successful that somehow it is your responsibility to take on the role of government and do things that aren't productive. what romney and ryan are saying is let's go back to what built america. it is entrepreneurship and a positive spirit. people who know that if they work hard, that they can do as well as anybody because they live in america. that is what romney and ryan are trying to do.
10:14 am
and i think president obama is tearing down the american dream by saying someone will hand it to you. that is not the american dream and it is not the way it is achieved. >> shannon: senator kay bailey hutchison of texas, thank you for your time today. >> thank you, shannon. great to be here. >> shannon: parents in chicago are waiting to see if their kids are going to school tomorrow. the city's teachers' union will vote on a tentative new three year contract. teachers have been on strike for a week. thousands rallied in a chicago park yesterday. the contract includes raises for all three years and tougher ways to evaluate teach hes and the option to exit tend the contract for a fourth year. so far this year has been the worst for our country in terms of west nile outbreaks. more than 100 people killed by the virus this year. elizabeth prann live in atlanta
10:15 am
with the latest. >> reporter: according to the centers for disease control there is more than 2600 kaiser right now nationwide and 118 of them have been fatal. they expect both of those statistics to rise. one effective way that cities are battling this is through aerial spraying. arlington, texas, is using that procedure tonight, tomorrow night and tuesday. the cities that opted out are working on public awareness campaigns. the cdc saying don't expect the virus to slow down yet. >> the number of deaths is likely to go up. simply because the number of deaths is kind of a lagging indicator of what happens because simply it takes somebody who gets severe disease they may die a week, a month, or even six months later after the initial illness. >> now, every state is reporting cases of the illness with the exception of hawaii and alaska.
10:16 am
you can see the epicenter really is in the heart of texas where 40% of the overall cases are. other states, however, seeing record numbers include laz, south dakota, mississippi, oklahoma, as well as others. just this week laz state officials recorded an uptick in cases they say it was perhaps due to stagnant water from hurricane isaac. although ex-about perts can't exactly nail down a reason for the severity of the outbreak this year they know an unusually warm winter' loued the mosquito to incubate during normally cold months. stay in air conditioning during dawn and dusk. cover up if you going to go outside and i know people don't want to hear this but you have to use the stinky bug spray and also watch out for stagnant water. >> if it is a health risk you got to do it. thank you. thanks. >> shannon: less than two months to go until election day. you know the saying every vote
10:17 am
counts. what about the votes that get counted twice or the ones cast by dead people? our next guest says yeah, it does happen. that's coming up next. oh no, not a migraine now. try this... bayer? this isn't just a headache. trust me, this is new bayer migraine. [ male announcer ] it's the power of aspirin plus more in a triple action formula to relieve your tough migraines. new bayer migraine formula. [ male announcer ] it started long ago. the joy of giving something everything you've got. it takes passion. and it's not letting up anytime soon. at unitedhealthcare insurance company, we understand that commitment.
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>> shannon: less than two
10:21 am
months to go until election day and the debate continues over voter i.d. laws. critics claim it is a way to suppress turnout and make it harder for minority voters to participate. supporters say the fraud is real and did is a safeguard. thank you for coming in. i know that you are on top of these cases. often as we discussed when you have critics of voter i.d. laws on the argument goes there isn't really a problem with fraud and so the laws are only meant for suppression. >> that is certainly not true. in the last two weeks we had more voter fraud cases for example the democratic candidate for the first congressional district in maryland had to resign last week from the race because they discoverd that she had registered and voted in both maryland and florida. >> shannon: that is a problem.
10:22 am
>> that is a problem. >> four people were convicted in little rock, arkansas, for voter fraud including a state legislator who had to ro resig. he won h his race through fraud. it was only by only 8 votes. >> shannon: this presidential race is is one of the tightest we have seen and it could especially in states, several swing states that are very, very close and polling within the margin of error. let's talk to we had former senator norm coleman on the show earlier on a different topic but i noted his case is one of the most interesting and i think there are developments that not everybody is aware of because it is a tight race with now senator al franken but there is a lot more to the story after the election. >> al franken was declared the winner after litigation by a little over 300 votes. since then we learned that 1100 felons voted illegally in the election. 177 have been convicted, there are dozens of cases pending so we know the number of illegal votes was three times the margin of victory and was that
10:23 am
an important case. yes, al franken provided the 60th vote that passed obama care. that election fraud affected every single person in the country. >> shannon: i want to play a little bit of karrie, washington, a famous actress and what she had to say at the dnc just a few days ago. >> there are people out there treeing to take away rights that our mothers, our grandmothers, and our great grandmothers fought for, rights that we fought for. our right to vote. our right to choose. our right to affordable quality education. equal pay. access to healthcare. and we the people cannot let that happen. >> shannon: now, she talks on a lot of issues there but first that she mentioned was our right to vote. how do those who support the voter i.d. laws then turn around and make the argument that this isn't about taking away any one's right, that
10:24 am
there are legitimate and valid reasons for the laws because about public perception is it this is about suppressing certain groups of people from being able to vote? >> that is foolish. the history of the laws shows that not to be true. georgia and indiana have had voter i.d. laws for a number of years. it has not suppressed the votes of minorities or democrats. indiana in 2008 haded a photo i.d. law in place for the first time. guess who won that state? it was barack obama barack obama. the first democrat to win the state in something like 30 years. she should stick to hollywood. she apparently didn't know if you wanted to get the credentials at the democratic national convention where she spoke you had to have a government issued photo i.d. >> shannon: to yo >> shannon: touche. we will leave it right there and let ms., washington, take it up with you. governor romney and president obama are hoping to win big
10:25 am
with hispanic voters in november. we have brand new fox news latino polls giving us insight. when asked if the u.s. is the best country in the world everwhelmingly latino voters said, yes. to follow up then, latino voters were asked why america is the best country. nearly half said it is about freedom. finally they were asked if their families would achieve the american dream. 73% said, yes. 15% said they already have. this is a sneak peek of the new polls coming out on fox news latino. you can find all of the results tomorrow on fox news .com/latino. calm returning to much of the muslim world after a wave of protests outside diplomatic posts around the globe and the deaths of four americans but tensions remain. a report from the city that was key in the arab spring. leland live from cairo, next. think you can't get great auto insurance coverage
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10:30 am
israeli prime minister bee benn netanyahu sounding the alarm about how close iran is to nuclear weapons. he claims they are only six months aweigh and insists now is the time for president obama to set a clear red line. another u.s. credit rating downgrade. eagan jones down graded the u.s. for a second time, dropping from a double a rating to a double amy us in and blames the feds plans to try to stimulate the economy. european magazines obsessing over photographs of kate middleton sun bathing topless. french and italian magazines plan to release a spread over 20-pages long. the royals are firing back with a lawsuit against the publications. voters are split right down the middle when it comes to deciding which presidential candidate will take the country in the right direction. whistling at the comes to the economy the latest jobs report was dismal though the unemployment rate dropped slightly to 8.1% partially because so many people stopped
10:31 am
looking for work. talk about it with our political panel, doug thornell and steve hayes. joining us to take a look at some of the latest numbers. good to see you today. >> good to see you. >> shannon: the polling numbers come from fox news. head-to-head obama and romney after the conventions. before the conventions the romney ryan ticket a 1 percentage-point advantage and now in the same poll down by five percentage points. what did democrats do right or was it that the republicans did something wrong? >> the president gave a good speech. it wasn't maybe his best but the overall programming of the convention was strong. bill clinton was i thought fantastic. some of the other numbers surprising is that the president increased by 12 points with independents and narrowed in fact closed the gap on who do you you trust to deal with the economy. and if you are governor romney and you don't read on that question you are going lose. >> shannon: talk about that poll since you referenced it.
10:32 am
the choice among independents. now, after the conventions, the gap of those unsure about what they were going to do has closed and the advantage seems to have gone to the obama biden ticket which stands at 44% to 39% for are romney ryan and still though 17% unsure. steve, why the flip, do you think? >> this would be a problem for mitt romney's campaign if a remains this way because independents go a long way to determining who wins the election. i don't know why the flip. bill clinton gave a speech that was wildly heralded. is don't work for me but that is not surprise. everybody around the country reporters people woke up the next morning reading the nuce papers and bill clinton came and give testimony on behalf of barack obama and stood as a character witness and said this has been difficult for the president but he is going to teak the country in the right direction. steams that mat -- seems that
10:33 am
mattered to a lot more voters than i thought it would have. >> shannon: we have the debates coming up. how important do you think that is with the margin of error in the polls how important do you think the debates about will be? >> i think they are very important. the first debate for governor romney is critical to him. right now neither candidate has any margin of error and with mitt romney his theory of the campaign is he would be ahead by now and they would have created a gap between him and the president after the conventions. that hasn't happened so he probably has to do certain things that he probably didn't want to go and that may bebeing more aggressive in the debates. he debated 20 times during the republican primary. 20 probably more times in the last election. so he is clearly a pretty skilled debater and i think he will have to win and not just win. he has to win -- he is going to probably have to have a knockout blow. >> what i expect to hear from democrats. democrats is all of a sudden mitt romney is going to be the greatest debater ever in the history of man kind to raise
10:34 am
expectations. i think mitt romney did do a good job by and large in the debates in the primaries. some uneven performances but more often than not did well. particularly well on foreign policy. i think before he gets to the debates, though, he has to do more to give people a sense and the first question that you put up, who is going to move the country in the right direction. people underand it that the president hasn't got the country going in the right direction. i mean still 30% of the people in the country believe that it is going in the right direction now. mitt romney has to do a better job of answering the second question who is going to be the one to move it in the right direction and lay out his agenda in a more forceful and bigger and broader way. >> there was a question in your poll that said the country is improving every day and i look forward to another four years. 50% of the respondents supportd that compared to only 43% that said the country is going down the grain drain and that is a problem for mitt romney. clearly his argument about if you are better off now than
10:35 am
were four years ago isn't resonating and he hasn't laid out a clear agenda as to why the president should be fired and he should be hired. >> shannon: is that that the campaign is not being run well? what is to credit for that because people note that unemployment is about 8%. 23 million unemployed or underemployed. a lot of americans are hurting and yet the president does consistently win their approval as the man to keep things moving forward. >> the romney campaign spent too much time focusing on the numbers. people know that the economy isn't going well. it is not a successful campaign strategy to tell people what they already know. i think that the romney campaign would be wise to lay out an explanation as to why things haven't gone better. what is it about president obama in particular that has led to these failures after three and a half years. i mean the president has failed on jobs. he has failed on the economy more broadly. by his own standards. why is that? i would argue that because the
10:36 am
president is fundamentally is big government liberal and turned to solutions that haven't worked in the past and they are not going to work in the future and by going back to the same solutions they are not going to work. >> shannon: one of the most cordial political conversations i have heard lately. thank you both. >> thanks a lot. >> shannon: this is a fox news alert. we are just getting word that libyan authorities say 50 people arrested in connection with the deaths of four americans in libya including ambassador chris stevens. some of the arrests happened outside libya and that the suspects do have ties to al-qaeda. he says the situation in libya remains "difficult" but insist there's is no specific threat to americans. back to business as usual today for the u.s. embassy in cairo following four days of violent protests. the streets are calm as the crowds disperse and the workweek begins. but tensions do remain as evidenced by increases in security. leland is live in cairo where details on the new reality for the american mission there.
10:37 am
leland? >> you do get the feeling here that the fuse burned out just before it got to the gun powder. a tense calm. a tenuous calm and here on the street with you can feel the tension and smell it because of the smell of the tear gas that still lingers here and makes your eyes water as you are walking around the streets of cairo. we took a walk out towards the u.s. embassy and around what was the compound and what is now a fortress. we are walking down the street which is the backside of the u.s. embassy here. ahead of us is the british embassy and because of the security concerns they really don't like cameras but you just get a sense of an oppressive level of security and riot police that they are just looking and waiting for a fight. there is about 8 policemen there to my right. we can't bring the camera up to give you a great view. we will see if we can walk up a little bit. now, james our photographer is walking up towards that barbed
10:38 am
wire to give you a view down the road to the u.s. emba he is and a scary situation in cairo when you get a sense of how many men they have brought out here to protect the u.s. embassy. earlier in the week, hundreds of people walked down this road unchecked unstopped by any of the police and entered the u.s. embassy. and right now it seems as though no one is getting inside the u.s. embassy compound or for that matter anywhere near are it. a number of the riot police that we saw but couldn't film had automatic weapons with them. whether they had orders to use them or not we don't know. the protesters here are still very much voice heard outside the compound walls and outside the blast walls put up to stop anybody from getting down near the embassy. an 18-foot tall concrete barrier. spray painted on a tree in english, go to hell, usa. there is still a heavy
10:39 am
antiamerican sentiment that remains here in this mother of the arab world. back to you. >> shannon: stay safe, leland. thank you. israel's prime minister tries to drag the u.s. deeper into its dispute with eran. an antiislamic video sparks an angry attack and sparks protests worldwide. a tough week for are u.s. foreign policy. are we on the right track? a fair and balanced debate with two members of the house armed services committee, coming up. the capital one cash rewards card
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we obviously did have a strong security presence and unfortunately two of the four americans who died in benghazi were there to provide security but it obviously wasn't sufficient in the circumstances to prevent the overrun of the consultate. this is among the things that obviously will be looked at.
10:44 am
>> shannon: the obama administration insisting that its foreign policy is on track in the middle east. does the u.s. need to reevaluate any of its positions? joining us republican congressman max thornberry and his democratic colleague, congress woman loretta sanchez of california, also a member of the armed services committee. welcome to you both. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. >> shannon: i will ask you the same questions. congress woman i will start with you. what is your position on the position of u.s. foreign aid often into the billions of dollars in the countries where these attacks have happened and they may not or will not protect u.s. interests and lives there? >> it depends on what type of foreign aid we are sending. some of the aid we put into countries is to foster more democratic methods it doesn't necessarily go to the government. we saw that for example with secretary lahood's son when was taken hostage in egypt he was
10:45 am
working on a more political democracy type of work. some of it is military. it also just depends on what type of governments and how they are helping us. clearly for example in the libya situation we have seen a strong ey alliance with the lin government there coming to our aid and denouncing immediately what had happened and hopefully working with us to figure out what is going on there. you have to take each country on a case-by-case basis. >> shannon: congressman, same question to you. >> foreign aid is a tool that needs to be used to advance u.s. interests. so for example in libya where there are a lot of m militias t under the control of the government foreign aid to strengthen the government's own security forces can be helpful to provide some stability there. on the other hand, egypt needs to understand we are not going to just keep on shelling out money because we have for so many years. there has to be consequences if
10:46 am
they fail to protect our embassy, our people and our interests. and i think we have kind of gotten their attention in the last couple of days. they have been much more serious this their security posture but we'll see how long it lasts. >> shannon: i want to ask another question to bolt of you as well and keep your answers relatively tight because we want to hear from both of you. the issue of see quester that is coming if there isn't a deal reached on capitol hill how concerned are you as to what is coming for our military? >> i'm very, very concerned because it will be across-the-board cuts. somebody said they will cut body armor the same percentage they cut grass mowing and that is not in our best interests of our military now and it will have consequences for years' head because some of the money we allocate now will be actually used and spent to buy ships and planes and things for some years in the future. >> shannon: congresswoman? >> i'm pretty confident that we
10:47 am
will find a solution simply because the sequester idea was, of course, something was put forward in order for us to pay our bills at a country. the republicans the majority them voted for it and so we need to move forward. they don't like it now and they understand that you can't do across-the-board cuts and i'm very confident we have been working, mack has been one of those people who has been working with us across the line, across the aisle to try to find a solution to this. so as we move forward i hope that americans understand that it is really up to their members of congress to work very hard towards a solution towards this because if we have to cut 600 billion more dollars from defense it is just not there to cut. >> shannon: and we know that in addition to defense cuts domestic cuts across-the-board looming as well. glad to hear the two of you have been working together and we wish you all of the best in finding a solution. thank you both. >> thank you so much.
10:48 am
>> shannon: a deadly drug resistant superbug claims its 7th victim. the world reknowned hospital it is stopping at has not been able to stop the outbreak. that story is next. want to try to crack it? yeah, that's the way to do it! now we need a little bit more... a little bit more vanilla? this is great! [ male announcer ] at humana, we believe there's never been a better time to share your passions... because the results... are you having fun doing this? yeah. that's a very nice cake! [ male announcer ] well, you can't beat them. [ giggles ] ohh! you got something huh? whoa... [ male announcer ] humana understands the value of spending time together that's a lot of work getting that one in! let's go see the birdies. [ male announcer ] one on one, sharing what you know. let's do it grandpa. that's why humana agents will sit down with you, to listen and understand what's important to you. it's how we help you choose the right humana medicare plan for you. because when your medicare is taken care of, you can spend more time sharing your passions. wow. [ giggles ]
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>> shannon: israel will be
10:52 am
wiped off the map should the country decide to preemptively strike iran is the latest warning from iran. that is one of our most read stories online. peter doocy has that and more stories from the newsroom. >> reporter: the newest threat is particularly unsettling because of how strongly worded and specific it is. iran's top commander said nothing will remain if israel takes military actions over iran's nuclear development program and indicated that retaliation would come from the israeli border where iran has close ties with hezbollah and hamas and said the strait of hormuz would be closed as well. new information about congressman paul ryan's sparring partner. he has been practicing debating that is coming you up here with former solicitor general ted olson. the highwahigh profile attornes argued 58 cases in front of the supreme court. and the happiest place on earth
10:53 am
is now a little happier. disney officials announced they plan to serve beer and wine at a new restaurant in the magic kingdom. it will still be mostly dry, though. sales are restricted to the dinner time hours. the restaurant will serve french question seen and is based on the popular disney film beauty and the beast. for those stories and more log on to fox news .com. >> shannon: i'm sure there are parents who like the latest development from disney. thanks, peter. >> you bet. >> shannon: a minnesota boy has become the 7th person to die from an antibiotic resistant germ. 19 patients at the hospital have been affected by the outbreak. it stems from a single patient who arrived at the hospital last summer carrying the superbug. despite extensive efforts they have not been able to wipe out o the germ. chicago. >> harris: is looking for new landscapers. the job comes with an all you
10:54 am
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i think that is a pretty cool idea. my favorite place in the wisconsin dels is the restaurant with the goats on the roof so that would be neat to have goats around. >> goats on the roof. >> between the crowds and the long lines often the airport already feels like a zoo but
10:58 am
chicago o'hare may be tricking it one step further. they are looking for goats and a goat herder. tebow who? by the looks of things denver broncos fans already moved on. check out this corn maze. a new broncos quarterback peyton manning. the farmers in it colorado made a name for themselves. this year's theme a tribute to the new star of denver's nfl team. if you are visiting that expect to find about an hour trying to find your way out of the maze. >> tensions still simmering as the presidential election draws clear. more concerned about governor romney's lack of foreign policy experience or president obama's current policies? that was our twitter question today and you answered in greater numbers than you have
10:59 am
for any other question. megan said this clsh before we leave today we a request. we reached almost 10,000 followers on twitter and looking forward to the next big goal. when we double the numbers we will choose a lucky follower to win a fox news prize pack. tell your friends to follow us. thanks again so much for your support. we just want to keep it it growing. that is it it for us here in washington. stay tuned. coming up next is "fox news sunday." ambassador to the u.n. dr. susan rice talking to chris wallace about the violence in libya and across the middle east and what she believes is the cause and also an exclusive with house intelligence


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